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  • Culture driven employee experience

    Bring life back to your organizational culture. Operationalize a culture that employees are proud to contribute to, and eager to be a part of - for the long haul.

    My goal

    To operationalize organizational culture. To make my high-performing employees feel connected to our brand and organization. To retain the right employees, and sustain current strong culture behaviors as we grow. To make organizational culture and active part of employee and customer experience.

    I am

    A strong leader who wants a culture-driven organization. I have previously invested in a culture project, but am not seeing employee adoption of culture elements or an employee experience transformation.


    the process

    Current State Review and Assessment
    Create culture-driven hiring processes and procedures
    Co-Design onboarding experience for new hires
    Develop documented career-pathing for all roles
    8 (1)
    Design an Offboarding Experience
    7 (1)
    Document and communicate Culture-Driven Performance Management Program to employees
    6 (1)
    Incorporate culture-driven compensation incentives into performance management
    5 (1)
    Co-create a functional Performance Review Process, driven by culture


    Culture-Driven Hiring
    Culture-Driven Career Pathing
    Culture-Driven Onboarding
    Culture-Driven Compensation
    Culture-Driven Performance
    Culture-Driven Offboarding


    Consistent, actionable information throughout all phases of the process increases employee engagement, creates Wow Moments, and improves outcomes.

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