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  • “COOs whose values alignment was low needed a salary increase of


    to become as likely to stay in their jobs as those whose values alignment was high.

    -Harvard Business Review.

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    "A strong culture increases Net Income 756% over 11 years."

    harvard business school

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    Organizational Culture is the collective understanding of what behaviours are accepted and not accepted within an organization. Cultures define and shape the employee experience and work environment of a business. Organizational culture is also how business leaders act in the organization and is reflected in their decision-making approach.

    The most spoken about types of culture are: toxic and entrepreneurial. Bad organizational culture often doesn’t allow employees to make decisions on their own and rewards personal relationships over the quality of work. Entrepreneurial culture is when organizations treat their employees like customers, empowering them to do their job the best way they can.


    Organizational Culture is important because bad culture can cause high turnover which in turn increases retention costs and yields a bad customer experience. The business case of good organizational culture includes great customer experience, higher revenues, and customer loyalty.

    Organizational Culture is shaped by mission, organizational beliefs, and defined employee behaviours. It is also driven by customer-centric leadership. These elements empower the executive team and employees to behave in a consistent manner that reflects the organizational culture.

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