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    What is Customer Experience Design?

    CX design is the process of designing customer-centered processes and procedures along the customer journey.

    Informed by human-centered research, customer experience design creates meaningful connections across the journey to promote customer experience ease, simplicity and seamlessness. Done well, CX Design generates repeat customers, positive word of mouth and brand loyalty.

    Customer experience design services from The Petrova Experience begin with a proactively designed journey. The Petrova Experience Expert Team identifies personas, conducts journey mapping, applies customer insights, and designs exceptional experiences in the physical and digital space.

    The output of a CX Design engagement can be an intuitive end-to-end wayfinding journey design, a user experience journey, a physical flow, or a list of amenities you never realized your customers were missing.

    Steve Jobs once said “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around.” We help you keep the right order.

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    AWARDS & Credentials

    Customer experience design is the intentional design of every client/ customer touchpoint with your brand. It is the process of imagining and mapping the customer journey.

    User experience (UX) is a specific experience within the customer’s experience (CX). User experience relates to the experience the user has on your brand’s website, app, and any digital platform your business uses.

    Journey Mapping is a Customer experience tool that is used to do Customer Experience Design. It is the process of mapping the people, processes, and emotions of employees and customers throughout the customer journey in order to design the perfect seamless experience for your customers.

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