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    CX Program management

    Manage award-winning, best-in-class Customer Experience Programs with The Petrova Experience.

    How You Start

    The 3 main components to put in place to start an impactful CX program

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    SME Availability and Capabilities Check 

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    Executive Sponsor

    What you will get

    3 - 4 months

    1st step

    Set up CX Charter

    2nd step

    Define CX Program Goals and KPIs

    3rd Step

    Collect Baselines and Metrics

    4th step

    Establish Governance Team; Steering Committee; and Working Teams

    6 months

    5th step

    Create and Manage CX Project

    2 months

    6th step

    Report Results and Impact

    7th step

    Create Steady State Checklist

    Celebrate successful project completion with The Petrova Experience

    Managing Events during Process - A Sample Structure

    What customers want

  • Spend more time with The Petrova Experience

    You understand the importance of Voice of the Customer.
    You agree with Bill Gates that

    "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning."

    You are ready to embrace customer experience best practices and create the experiences your customers deserve.

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