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  • Customer experience research

    Design award-winning customer experiences across physical and digital channels using qualitative and quantitative customer research. Discover your customer persona, preferences, behaviors, and expectations.

    What are you going to get?

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    Customer Interview Insights

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    Ethnographic Research Report (Observations and Follow-Alongs)

    Group 427320426 (1)

    Customer Feedback Narrative/Survey Insights

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    Customer Advisory Board Creation

    Light bulb

    Product User Communities Set-Up

    My goal

    To design customer experiences based on research-based knowledge of customers.

    I am

    A strong leader who wants to understand my customers better in order to deliver the experiences they deserve.

    the process

    Review of Existing Customer Knowledge Base & Alignment on Experience Strategy
    Customer Experience Research Goal Setting Workshop
    Research Design and Plan
    Data Collection
    8 (1)
    Reflection Meeting
    7 (1)
    Experience Design Principles Recommendations
    6 (1)
    Presentation: Customer Needs and Expectations
    5 (1)
    Analysis and Insights
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    You are ready to maximize your investment in employee experience, and customer experience.
    You are emotionally intelligent and prepared to have tough conversations.
    You believe culture starts with YOU and you are poised to set the standard.

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    You understand the importance of Voice of the Customer.
    You agree with Bill Gates that

    "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning."

    You are ready to embrace customer experience best practices and create the experiences your customers deserve.

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