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    Customer Experience Strategy

    Human-Centered Experience Design

    Human-Centered Technology & Systems Design

    Service Design & Hospitality Training

    Customer Experience Strategy & Customer-Centered Culture

    Sample Deliverables

    • Strategic Leadership Workshop
    • Mission, Vision, Values and Hospitality Standards Workshops
    • Customer Experience Audit
    • Customer Experience Org Structure
    • Customer Experience Program Roadmap
    • Communications Strategy and Roadmap

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    Sample Deliverables

    • Hospitality Culture-driven Interview Guides
    • Performance Management Toolkits for managing culture
    • Compensation strategy review and recommendations
    • Hospitality Standards Training
    • Leadership Hospitality Training
    • CX Advisory Committee set up

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    Human-Centered Service & Technology Design

    Sample Deliverables

    • Streamlined customer-centered processes and procedures
    • Roles and responsibilities audit
    • Journey Mapping & Gap Analysis
    • Customer Insights analysis
    • Customer and stakeholder interviews
    • Personas Development
    • Ecosystem Diagrams
    • Cross-functional workshops

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    Sample Deliverables

    • Process and experience flows
    • Wireframes
    • UX Design blueprints
    • Software configurations
    • System and software capabilities recommendations
    • Performance standards recommendations
    • Program Management
    • Cross-functional workshops
    • POC (proof of concept) development and execution

    Let's Talk!

    Alyson B., Boston, MA, USA

    We had an org structure that was siloed by product and department objectives. Liliana provided guidance in implementing the right customer experience governance to enable the best outcome. Her consulting proved to be actionable and customized and we were able to craft a cross-functional customer experience management plan that has yielded positive results in our business.

    Guilherme Kolberg, Grupo X, Sao Paolo, Brazil

    Liliana helped us design the most actionable and impactful hierarchy in our customer experience team. Following her recommendation we embedded CX Ambassadors in the front line operational teams. With this structure we are able to connect the feedback from our clients to the people delivering the experience every day.

    Lisa Stefanoff, Specialty Food Association, NYC, USA

    Liliana helped move the Specialty Food Association to the next level. In a very short time period she build our membership strategy and design new journeys for our target members, allowing young companies to join the association. Her strategy will elevate the authority of the association in the industry and nurture our members in a personalized and relevant way.

    AWARDS & Credentials


    Customer Experience for the Hospitality and Travel Industry

    The consumer-based travel industry is consumer-based needs volume to survive. Customer experience that makes customers happy and keeps happy customers coming back brings the volume the travel and hospitality requires.


    Today’s patient, no matter health or socioeconomic status, requires easy-to-understand, actionable patient experiences that support health and wellness. Build a customer experience strategy for healthcare that is patient-centered, breaks silos, and improves access to data along the continuum of care.


    CX strategy empowers transportation sector businesses understand and design for the scope of customer types and customer needs in this $206B USD industry. When a customer-centric mindset prioritizes the strategic design of seamless, guided journeys, the world class transportation experiences customers want, become possible.


    Impactful investments in student experience position higher ed and K12 institutions to meet diverse student needs, and secure their positions in competitive, demanding markets. CX strategy for the education industry sets the standard for the student experiences of the future.

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