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    The Petrova Experience Announces Participation in Penn Station, New York Redesign


    The Petrova Experience Announces Participation in Penn Station, New York Redesign

    The Petrova Experience Teams with FXCollaborative Architects LLP and WSP USA Inc. to improve customer experience in New York’s Penn Station

    Brooklyn, NY – November 7, 2023

    Customer experience consulting firm The Petrova Experience today announces participation in New York’s Penn Station Redesign Project. New York Governor Kathy Hochul says the $57.9 million plus project will build “a world-class station that puts New Yorkers first [and] delivers a rider-focused transportation experience.”

    Project goals include relieving overcrowding, improving passenger flow and orientation, improving passenger safety and accessibility, alleviating cramped, disjointed circulation areas, optimizing retails and revenue generation, and integrating Penn Station with the Moynihan Train Hall and planned Penn Station Expansion.

    To design a seamless, connected, and comfortable passenger experience for all, The Petrova Experience is conducting comprehensive passenger experience research and experience design. The Petrova Experience customer research methodology is built to capture the authentic voice of the diverse riders who utilize New York City’s busiest transportation hubs.

    “As a team of New Yorkers and avid commuters, we are honored to be part of improving the passenger experience for our fellow New Yorkers, commuters, and visitors to our great city,” says Liliana Petrova, CEO and Founder of The Petrova Experience.

    Ms. Petrova continues, “I would never have imagined when I immigrated to New York twenty years ago that I would be part of improving the experience at one of New York’s most famous transportation hubs,” Ms. Petrova continues, “but that is the magic of this city, a city I am proud to call home, and to contribute to improving and celebrating in such a tangible way.”

    The Petrova Experience is an international customer experience consulting firm that connects customer experience to ROI. Based in Brooklyn and founded by Liliana Petrova, The Petrova Experience designs and implements customer experiences that help businesses meet ever-increasing customer expectations and market challenges. The Petrova Experience is a Federally recognized Minority and Women-Owned Business (MWBE) and a recognized New York State and New Jersey MWBE. Learn more about The Petrova Experience at

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    The Petrova Experience CX Partner Program

    Setting up customer experience programs, building teams, making the business case for CX that secures the funding you need to have real impact on customer experience and drive a faster path to ROI… we have been there and done it. And we want to help YOU do the same for your organization.

    Meet The Petrova Epxerience CX Partner Program

    We are ready to partner with you in pursuit of customer happiness for your organization and help you get to CX wins faster if you…

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    • Feel like there is more you want to accomplish than the resources you currently have access to
    • Recognize there is so much you can do to elevate your CX, but are not sure how to accomplish your goals or where to start
    • Are ready to master a process that increases efficiency and amplifies customer experience internally and externally
    • Are expected to deliver quickly and need support to scale and get to your wins faster
    • Want support delivering on your CX promises and overall experience concepts

    Support from a Partner Who Has Been There

    We have been where you are – the first CX hire at a Fortune 500 Company. Built award-winning CX Programs from the ground up.

    We advocate for YOU and help protect your Brand.

    We are experts who know where to start and how to teach others.

    We are your Extended Team – we work for YOU!

    Because we truly believe in empowering you to pursue customer happiness every day, we are here to use our experience to help you lead transformations that take you from ideas to impact. And we’re not afraid of the difficult conversations and dynamic problem solving it takes to get there.

    Take the Next Step with The Petrova Experience

    Ready to learn more and take the next steps with us? Let us know, and we will set up a time to connect!

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    Exceptional Customer Experience: Driving ROI Year-Round

    CX ROI Webinar

    Liliana Petrova, Founder and CEO of The Petrova Experience, and Debbie Jackson, Senior Consultant at Eventus Solutions Group, share insights on how to reach new heights.

    Overcome challenges and build an actionable roadmap to boost ROI with a customer-centric focus.

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    The one-on-one interview gives an honest look at the victories and challenges involved in building a business. And how the pursuit of happiness is a guidepost.

    Read on for Liliana’s insights, along with her three tips for anyone looking to start a business in this environment.

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    The Principal Post: Liliana Petrova, In Brief

    On April 22, 2022, The Principal Post published an article spotlighting The Petrova Experience Founder and CEO, Liliana Petrova.

    The article provides an inside-track on Ms. Petrova’s motivations, experiences, and ideas.

    Go inside the story of the founder of The Petrova Experience with answers to questions like “what is your biggest leap” and “what message do you want to send out into the world.”

    Experience the full Interview on The Principal Post.

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    CXBuzz Interview with Liliana Petrova

    This month CXBuzz featured Liliana Petrova, CCXP in a customer experience interview about the inner workings of customer experience. Read Liliana’s take on the difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience, how companies can increase loyalty and retention, and which firms are walking the talk of customer experience today, leveraging technologies like AI and human-centered design to create new value for customers across industries. The conversation also will give you advice on the difference between NPS and CSAT and how to use social media in customer experience.

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