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    What is CX Technology?

    CX technology empowers human-centered experiences across platforms in the digital and physical space. It is a tool that brings organizational strategy and customer experience design to life.

    The Petrova Experience helps organizations transform the way businesses deliver services in the post-COVID world. Many technologies are available in the marketplace, but knowing what problems they solve, or how to harness the potential of technology, is not an easy. The Petrova Experience is the technology guide that helps businesses meet customers where they are efficiently and seamlessly.

    The Petrova Experience closes the gap between technology teams and the front line to design powerful employee experience tools and serve customer needs and expectations in the application of technology along the customer journey. A poorly designed chatbot can actually increase customer frustrations and staffing costs. An app that does not improve customer experience will have low adoption. And a Biometrics journey without human-centered design can turn an innovative experience into a privacy concern.


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    There are many technologies that support customer experience. Customer experience experts first identify painpoints, then leverage customer experience technology to resolve those painpoints and support the experience. To solve customer problems, create seamless experiences. And empower the customer which creates independence in the customer and gives them choices

    The latest technology available to enhance customer experience enables seamless end to end experience. Available technologies include contactless access and facial recognition.

    Technology provides ways to improve customer experience, including self service. Instead of waiting on long lines, customers can check out in a grocery store or check in to a flight on their own.


    Customer Experience for the Hospitality and Travel Industry

    The consumer-based travel industry is consumer-based needs volume to survive. Customer experience that makes customers happy and keeps happy customers coming back brings the volume the travel and hospitality requires.


    Today’s patient, no matter health or socioeconomic status, requires easy-to-understand, actionable patient experiences that support health and wellness. Build a customer experience strategy for healthcare that is patient-centered, breaks silos, and improves access to data along the continuum of care.


    CX strategy empowers transportation sector businesses understand and design for the scope of customer types and customer needs in this $206B USD industry. When a customer-centric mindset prioritizes the strategic design of seamless, guided journeys, the world class transportation experiences customers want, become possible.


    Impactful investments in student experience position higher ed and K12 institutions to meet diverse student needs, and secure their positions in competitive, demanding markets. CX strategy for the education industry sets the standard for the student experiences of the future.

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