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    What is Customer Experience Strategy?

    Great Customer Experience is only possible when it is the authentic expression of a brand. That is why a defined corporate strategy is a pre-requisite for the design and implementation of memorable customer experiences.

    The Petrova Experience helps organizations with strategic planning and customer experience strategy. If, for instance, a SWOT analysis reveals telemedicine does not fit your practice, then your roadmap would be built for physical patient experience and hospitality training, not for a telehealth solution.

    Customer experience strategy brings together design principles, brand representation, and actionable plans for human-centered experiences that serve customers, employees, and business.

    What is Customer Experience?

    Customer experience is the way your clients/customers perceive your business. It is how you express your brand in the way you deliver your products and services. It is not about what you do, it's about how you do it. Customer experience is the intentional design of the processes and procedures of your business with the customer at the center.

    Customer experience is in the small things. It is truly caring for the experience of the customer, and the genuine desire and effort to make that a memorable and pleasant experience through excellent quality of the work, surprise, and delight, gestures along the way. Useful and regular communication beyond the engagement, still keeping contact with our customers. Being at the service of the client forever. It's not a transaction, it's a relationship.

    ed experiences that serve customers, employees, and business.


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    Customer experience strategy reflects your brand strategy and your customer personas. To develop customer experience strategy, you need to first define your customer needs and expectations and assess your organizational strengths to meet them.

    The customer experience model is a blueprint of your customer experience strategy and vision. The elements of the customer experience model are mission statement, experience design goals, design principles, and brand differentiators.

    A customer experience business strategy is the output of analyzing your business strategy through the eyes of your customers. It is the base for the goals of your brand experience. Customer experience strategy helps guide and create a roadmap to deliver the best experience in your business.

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