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    Customer Experience Strategy & Solutions

    Build a customer experience strategy that creates memorable experiences and loyal customers. Customer experience strategy and solutions from The Petrova Experience take an inside-out approach to defining a strategy that serves customers and meets the needs and goals of your organization.

    Strategic CX consultants speak across departments to ensure that ideas make their way to the C-Suite ready for approval and implementation. ROI calculations and other strategic solutions enable CX professionals and project sponsors within an organization to connect their customer-centric ideas to strategic goals and outcomes.

    Customer experience strategy engagements with our expert CX consultants range from three to six months, depending on the size of the organization and the scope of the strategic objectives.

    The actionable customer experience strategy and solutions that we provide impact the organization at every level. As such, we develop strategy that aligns with your organization’s overall vision. From there, we design that strategy to act as a guide to build out the capabilities that reach the customers you serve, where they are, in the ways that benefit them most.

    All customer experience strategy starts with knowing who your customer is. This involves researching and understanding the customer personas your organization serves, then identifying what customers you must serve and how to serve them effectively.

    Our CX strategy and solutions are not aspirational. They are actionable, data-driven blueprints for every part of your organization that touches the experience of the customer.

    Why is Customer Experience Important?

    Customer experience strategy is important because it determines the CX projects you take on and the CX projects you reject. Rather than designing or implementing the experiences that define a brand, customer experience strategy guides what experiences your brand designs and implements.

    At The Petrova Experience, we build the underlying CX strategy that guides every experience design decision, as well as the customer experience program decisions that follow.

    Given that the strategy becomes both the launching off point for design, and the determining factor for programming, it is imperative to get executive approval for an alignment on the strategy before putting that strategy in place. Leadership alignment gets CX programs funded. Once those fully funded programs are executed, they become beacons of leadership vision and priorities. This further positions customer experience as an integral, interdisciplinary, and essential part of your organization.

    Despite how important strategy is, you must recognize that the CX strategy does not create the experiences. Rather, customer experience strategy delivers products and services to the right customers, at the right times.


     Our Customer Experience Service

    To be effective, customer experience strategy must operate as a framework for executive alignment. Without this piece, it is not possible to sustain the strategy required to build the customer-centric experiences that meet CX objectives.

    Initial CX Strategy Services include the following:

    • Customer Experience Vision Blueprint to communicate the vision to the organization
    • Cross-Channel Roadmap to build capabilities for cross-channel connections with customers
    • Executive Alignment Framework to connect the executive team and support the creation of customer experience programs

    Customer Experience that Converts

    Strategy matters because it leads to conversions. A well-designed customer-centric strategy leads to the design and implementation of CX programming and initiatives that meet and exceed organizational goals. Strategy converts. At The Petrova Experience, we work directly with clients across travel and hospitality, transportation, healthcare, education, and technology industries to build robust customer-centric strategies that lay the foundation for the experiences that create loyal customers, brand advocates, and increased revenue.

    To develop impactful customer experience strategies, our expert Team collects and analyzes data, uses best practices, and applies our customer-centric methodology to create sustainable CX strategies and solutions that align with organizational goals and objectives.

    We listen to our clients. Guided by research and a proven methodology, we customize solutions to our clients, and keep the needs of your customers at the center of our work.

    Client Research

    Data-driven solutions enable The Petrova Experience to develop customized customer experience strategy to a diverse array of clients across industries.

    To make the right investments in experience, it is essential to understand who your customers are, what motivates them, what they want, and how they make decisions. Client research is how we get the accurate answers to these questions. Informed by research, our CX strategies are positioned to serve your business – and your customers.

    We create future-ready customer experience strategies. To do so, this includes research into the numbers and types of channels your customers want to use. In 2019, for instance, 78% of customers preferred using separate channels, relative to context. Phone for certain types of interactions; apps for others, etc. We use this type of data, relative to your organization, to feed your CX strategy.

    Strategy does not exist in a vacuum. It is fed by relevant, actionable data, in alignment with your organizational vision, objectives, and capacity.

     Why Clients Choose Us

    Clients choose The Petrova Experience because of our strategic expertise. A team of veteran CX professionals, we have built strategies for global organizations. And we have touched customer experience strategy at every level of organizational design and implementation.

    Our relentless commitment to customer-centricity, coupled with our understanding of the financial and logistical realities organizations of all sizes face, positions The Petrova Experience to provide the most relevant, actionable, and effective customer experience strategy our clients deserve.

    Clients of The Petrova Experience value the data-driven, technology-forward approach of The Petrova Experience, as well as our values of integrity, empathy, innovation, passion, and empowerment. Values that we bring to serve your organization and build the foundation for superior customer experiences and ROI.

    Industries that We Help

    The Petrova Experience designs customer experience strategies for clients across industries.

    Some of the industries we serve include the following:


    Customer Experience for the Hospitality and Travel Industry

    The consumer-based travel industry is consumer-based needs volume to survive. Customer experience that makes customers happy and keeps happy customers coming back brings the volume the travel and hospitality requires.


    Today’s patient, no matter health or socioeconomic status, requires easy-to-understand, actionable patient experiences that support health and wellness. Build a customer experience strategy for healthcare that is patient-centered, breaks silos, and improves access to data along the continuum of care.


    CX strategy empowers transportation sector businesses understand and design for the scope of customer types and customer needs in this $206B USD industry. When a customer-centric mindset prioritizes the strategic design of seamless, guided journeys, the world class transportation experiences customers want, become possible.


    Impactful investments in student experience position higher ed and K12 institutions to meet diverse student needs, and secure their positions in competitive, demanding markets. CX strategy for the education industry sets the standard for the student experiences of the future.

    AWARDS & Credentials


    Customer experience strategy reflects your brand strategy and your customer personas. To develop customer experience strategy, you need to first define your customer needs and expectations and assess your organizational strengths to meet them.

    The customer experience model is a blueprint of your customer experience strategy and vision. The elements of the customer experience model are mission statement, experience design goals, design principles, and brand differentiators.

    A customer experience business strategy is the output of analyzing your business strategy through the eyes of your customers. It is the base for the goals of your brand experience. Customer experience strategy helps guide and create a roadmap to deliver the best experience in your business.

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