• Customer experience strategy

    Customer experience strategy

    Develop a strategic approach to customer experience solutions. Secure funding for customer experience programs aligned with a consistent, effective strategy that leads your organization into the future.

    What are you going to get?

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    Customers Experience Strategy

    Determine how you want your customer to feel, and how you will accomplish that at scale

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    Ideal Customer Persona
    Culture summary icon
    4-5 CX Capabilities to support Experience Principles
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    Business Goals for Organizational Success
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    Business initiatives aligned with specific CX guiding principles
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    Recommendations for executive goals to measure success
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    Communication & Change Management Kit for sustainability

    My goal?

    To define what customer centricity means to my organization by creating a shared mental model of how experience authentically reflects brand promise. To build an actionable CX Strategy, and align the strategy with business initiatives to support it..

    I am

    A strong leader who wants a customer-centric organization. I have an overall business strategy but do not know how to get other parts of the org to buy in. I know what I want but no one else does.

    the process

    Current State Assessment Current State Assessment including current business strategy review
    CX Strategy Workshops with Executives
    Personalized Communication and Change Management Kit
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    Reflection Meeting
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    Implementation Roadmap
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    Personalized Communication and Change Management Kit
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    Customer experience strategy reflects your brand strategy and your customer personas. To develop customer experience strategy, you need to first define your customer needs and expectations and assess your organizational strengths to meet them.

    The customer experience model is a blueprint of your customer experience strategy and vision. The elements of the customer experience model are mission statement, experience design goals, design principles, and brand differentiators.

    A customer experience business strategy is the output of analyzing your business strategy through the eyes of your customers. It is the base for the goals of your brand experience. Customer experience strategy helps guide and create a roadmap to deliver the best experience in your business.

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