The Petrova Experience Partners - THE PETROVA EXPERIENCE
  • Elizabeth Eames, Contemporary Communications Consulting

    Partnering with The Petrova Experience enables us to design and deliver communications strategies that truly put the customer at the center. The Petrova Experience is an invaluable partner, driven by passion, integrity, and creative thinking that inspires us to bring our best.

    Momchil Blaskov, Gemseek

    The Petrova Experience team is extremely professional. They live and breathe CX! When we work on joint opportunities we really act as one team which is amazing and makes all our engagement successful and a lot of fun.

    Tobias Wessels, Bespoke

    Liliana and her team are true experts when it comes to Customer Experience in the travel space. Their background rooted in the airline industry and deep knowledge of innovative solutions are second to none.
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    Meet our Customer Experience Partners

    No one can do things alone. Neither can we! As we grow our customer experience community we have selected for you these special brands that add value to your customer experience.

    eeames contemporary communications consulting the petrova experience consultingCX COMMUNICATIONS

    Contemporary Communications Consulting is a boutique communications firm based in Brooklyn. They  designs communications strategies for clients, based on their brand identity and experience promises. Contemporary Communication Consulting trains teams to communicate organization's value from a position of strength.

    Gemseek_The Petrova Experience PartnerGemSeek

    GemSeek CX is the most impactful Customer Experience Management platform out there. It goes beyond the traditional collect, understand, act model as it tracks and proves your Customer Experience program financial, operational and human impact.

    Bespoke The Petrova Experience Partner


    Bespoke is a real-time engagement platform for the travel and hospitality industry. Physical places like airports, cities or states can now engage with travelers and visitors through Bespoke's platform.

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