• Individuals

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    You need to build customer experience strategy and map out the customer journeys across your service.

    But you lack the time or skills on your team to do that fast.


    You need to show the ROI of customer experience to your organization.

    Make customer experience a strategic imperative, and get quick wins to help your program gain internal traction.

    CX Management

    You are in charge of Customer Experience for a major brand.

    You need to manage impactful CX programs and demonstrate a business case to justify your mandate.

    CX Insights

    You are in charge of Customer Insights, but you have not been able to influence change in your organization

    Close the loop and operationalize customer insights data to keep the Voice of the Customer central to CX strategy, design, and program implementation.


    You are a product developer for an innovative brand.

    Get a framework that puts user experience first in the design phase.

    CX Technology

    You are responsible for making technology decisions that enhance the digital and physical customer experience.

    Select and design CX technology solutions that create innovative digital and physical experiences for all your customer personas.


    You are seeking new ways to engage with customers and to conduct internal change management for better CX.

    Put the customer at the center of your initiatives, and manage culture changes that improve employee engagement and CX with guidance and support from communications experts.

    CX Service

    Your current customer service is not customer-centric.

    You need to put the customer at the center, but don't know how to change operations accordingly. You are ready to change the culture of your frontline.

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