• Alyson B., Boston, MA, USA

    We had an org structure that was siloed by product and department objectives. Liliana provided guidance in implementing the right customer experience governance to enable the best outcome. Her consulting proved to be actionable and customized and we were able to craft a cross-functional customer experience management plan that has yielded positive results in our business.

    Guilherme Kolberg, Grupo X, Sao Paolo, Brazil

    Liliana helped us design the most actionable and impactful hierarchy in our customer experience team. Following her recommendation we embedded CX Ambassadors in the front line operational teams. With this structure we are able to connect the feedback from our clients to the people delivering the experience every day.
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    Brands keep spending money on customer experience, but only few have proven and shown a connection to ROI. There is no real impact.
    Customers are not happier with their experience. We are here to solve this for you.


    Customer Centric Culture is the hardest piece of the experience puzzle. It is also the most important. Culture cannot be copied or faked. Having grown in a culture led organization we know how to build and maintain culture as competitive advantage.


    Design and Implementation is how you get things done. Many brands stop at insight and analysis. We create customer experiences that differentiate your brand. We have turned proof of concepts into standard operating procedures for major Fortune 500 brands. We know how it is done.


    Experience technology is the most misunderstood piece of the experience puzzle. It does not exist in isolation. Rather it enables the intended experience. We start with the customer and use the technology to advance your strategy.

    Case Studies


    Culture is the backbone of Customer Experience, but often is not brought to life in the day to day. Here is how we help you do it.


    When you design for the customer, the customers win and so does your brand. Here is a case study of the award winning JFK Lobby redesign.


    BIOMETRICS systems are only as good as the experience design around them. Here is a case with the right approach to Facial Recognition technology.

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