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    Brands invest in customer experience, but few have proven and shown a connection to ROI. The impact on the business is missing.
    Customers are not happier with their experience. We are here to solve this for you.


    Customer-Centric Culture is the most important piece of the experience puzzle. It complements the Customer Experience Strategy that we build together. The Petrova Experience helps you take control of your brand hospitality commitments and trains your employees to bring your brand culture to life.


    Design and Implementation is how you get things done. The Petrova Experience Team co-creates customer-centric processes and procedures that empower your employees to deliver differentiated customer experience.


    Experience technology is the most misunderstood piece of the experience puzzle. It does not exist in isolation. The Petrova Experience is the glue that connects your technology aspirations, operations and employee needs, and your customer experience strategy.

    Case Studies

    TMRW Life Sciences Inc.

    Culture is the backbone of Customer Experience, but often is not brought to life in the day to day. The Petrova Experience worked with the TMRW Leadership Team to define the company Mission, Values and Culture Commitments and bring those to their clients through a hospitality training and client-centered processes redesign.

    Budget Buddies

    Strategic Planning is the backbone of any organization's success. As Budget Buddies embarked on their transformation journey, our team spearheaded the creation of the organization's Mission, Vision and Values and the build-out of the non-profit's 5 year strategic plan.


    BIOMETRICS systems are only as good as the experience design around them. Current members of The Petrova Experience Team designed and implemented the first fully integrated facial recognition boarding experience with Customs and Border Protection.

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