How to Keep the Human Touch and Innovate Your Customer Experience


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    Customer Experience Tips and Best Practices In 2017?

    This is Post 2 of Liliana Petrova’s series on customer experience. She shares customer experience tips, lessons learned, and best practices for the new year. And dives into organizational culture and other customer experience building blocks for brands.

    In the JetBlue blog article, Ms. Petrova explores the importance of “keeping the human touch” when implementing CX innovation tools.

    Customer Experience Tips

    In the article, Liliana notes “all of our panelists — and we at JetBlue — continue to think about how to keep the human experience at the forefront amidst the current focus on technology.”

    That includes insight from Garen Moreno, Director of Strategic Partnership at BMW DesignWorks. Moreno notes, “What’s important is how we’re communicating the information, rather than the actual technology itself. The emotional benefit IS the tech.”

    Technology and Humanity

    Liliana supports this idea. She recognizes the power of emotion. That is the human element of technology and customer experience design. In so doing, she discusses the emotional benefits technology empowers. And she calls out the emotional impact of the seamless experiences technology helps to create.

    Liliana makes underscores the essential role crewmember hospitality plays in creating memorable customer experiences. As we have seen before, the human element must be present to create experiences customers need and want.

    Maintain the Human Touch

    So, head over to Into the Blue. And learn how to keep the human touch.

    Then, start planning how to create human connections through authentic customer experience.

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