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  • Liliana Petrova on magical customer experience moments

    From Pain Points to Magical Moments: Transform the Customer Experience

    Argyle Journal interviewed Liliana Petrova about emerging self service technology and meeting and exceeding customer expectations in airports. One such way, as Liliana explains, is to create magical customer experience moments from customer pain points. Creating these moments starts with intentional customer experience design.

    Solving Pain Points Helps Create Magical Customer Experiences

    In the recording below, Liliana explains how JetBlue addresses customer pain points. She makes the case for how experience design, coupled with technology, creates exceptional customer experience moments. And while these experiences feel like magic to the customer, there is a science – and an art – behind them.

    Hold on to Foundational Principles

    To further explain this idea of the complexity and the rigor  behind magical customer experience moments, Liliana brings up a point integral to all technology-based customer experience solutions.

    As she explains it, “[w]e want to create something that feels like magic, without breaking any foundational rules.”

    Of that magic and the quest to create it, Liliana notes, “[i]f there is a way to create a seamless and invisible experience, we want to find a way to get there.”

    Read more about how she and her team are working to do so.

    How to Create Magical Customer Experience

    Play the audio below to hear Liliana speak about the magical customer experience. Listen for insights and tips to help you maximize the power of your customer experience team. Discover how to create the kinds of experiences that not only solve problems for your customers, but give them a lasting good impression of your brand.

    After all, magical moments are loyalty makers!

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