Improving patient experience is a goal that can be inspired by the aviation


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  • Liliana Petrova Podcast guest patient experience in healthcare

    Liliana Petrova Talks Patient Experience in Healthcare Podcast

    Recently, we recorded a podcast on patient experience in healthcare with Stacey Richter. Today, we are excited to share it with you. On the episode, we discuss travel and healthcare industry parallels. And I talk about applying customer experience design principles to improving patient experience.

    Patient Experience in Healthcare vs Passenger Experience in Travel

    When Stacey and I connected, I was eager to discuss the similarities between the healthcare and airline industries. On the podcast episode, we examine the patient journey. And we cover what it takes to achieve higher adoption of an app product.

    Additionally, we talk about how to fix the complex problems of industries that have heavy cost structures and intense regulation. Healthcare and travel share these complexities in a variety of ways.

    As such, the lessons we learn in travel apply smoothly to healthcare.

    Patient Experience in Action

    In February of this year, Stacey and I met at the Panagora Pharma conference. At the conference, I spoke about patient experience in action. It was a pleasure to join other industry peers passionate about improving patient experience in a sustainable manner.

    I was honored to continue the healthcare experience conversation with Stacey on her podcast.

    Listen to our Conversation

    Learn more about how to take lessons from the travel sector and apply them to improving patient experience. Access the full podcast here.

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