What is CX Day and how customer experience professionals celebrate


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  • Celebrate National CX Day

    Did you know that tomorrow is National CX Day? Some of you may not even know what “CX” means or why there is a day to celebrate CX. CX stands for “Customer Experience,” and it is an essential part of company strategies to win in the marketplace.

    Like any Hallmark holiday, CX Day is an excuse to celebrate. More importantly, it serves as a day to raise awareness of something important that impacts ALL brands.  Every employee, from frontline to back office, impacts customer experiences and company perception.

    For this reason, it is a great day to recognize employees who demonstrate a commitment to servicing customers. And it is the perfect time to let customers know how much you appreciate them. In fact, that’s all part of creating a winning CX culture!

    How Can brands celebrate National CX Day (or make it a CX month)?

    1. Send thank you notes from leadership to acknowledge employees who focus on customer experience. Formally recognize employees who go above and beyond to deliver great customer experiences.
    2. Throw a party! And make it all about customers. Read customer surveys out loud and celebrate the good ratings. Problem solve together to improve lower scores. Finally, don’t let location be a reason not to celebrate. While it’s ideal to meet in person, virtual meetings can be equally effective, especially when you use video.
    3. Partner with Marketing/ PR departments. Together, raise awareness and commitment to CX. Leverage internal and external channels to highlight examples of how your brand values customers. Then, use hashtags that your employees and customers follow to share stories with a larger audience.
    4. Encourage networking. Create opportunities for employees to come together and share how they contribute to customer experience.
    5. Provide professional development. Enable employees to increase their CX knowledge and apply best practices every day. Take advantage of formal certification programs. And attend events, like RU-Disrupt, or online events offered by CXPA.

    So, how does your company celebrate National CX Day? How do you celebrate customer experience every day?

    To continue the celebration – and the conversation – please share this article with others. Cheers!

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