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  • WeWork Does CX Right with a Wow Moment

    Coworking space WeWork is our latest example of how to do Customer Experience the right way. Customer-centric brands that are winning at CX use customer experience to deliver on brand mission and values. In other words, innovative brands like WeWork walk the talk.

    At its best, customer experience is much more than the passive delivery of brand-directed experiences.

    When a brand creates personal, relevant experience at exactly the right time, it can build a lifelong, loyal customer relationship.

    You are probably thinking about big data and machine learning right now, but sometimes, all a brand needs is people who genuinely care.

    In our post about focusing on CX experiences over investment in “wow moments,” we evaluated a Wow Moment that failed to achieve the customer experience impact the brand wanted (and needed). However, this does not mean that Wow Moments should not be part of the customer experience professional’s portfolio.

    Used at the right time and place along the customer’s journey, the Wow Moment is an excellent retention technique. Co-working space WeWork understands this. As a result, WeWork may just have created an extremely valuable business relationship with me by doing CX right and using the Wow Technique at the right time and place on my customer journey.

    CX Moments are Marketing tools

    Last week, I booked a small working space with WeWork in our company building. I suspect I was the first person to use our partnership with WeWork. We completed the transaction pretty quickly on Monday. We moved in on Tuesday. On Wednesday afternoon, the WeWork team member came to our space with a present for my unborn BABY. Now that is what I call surprise and delight.

    They never commented on my pregnancy. They just acknowledged it with a kind gesture. Apart from the word of mouth that this timely gesture generated, WeWork inspired me to write this blog entry, generating even more marketing for themselves. Are they perfect in terms of operations – not necessarily. But is that what I am writing about? No.

    Did this Wow Moment make a difference in my perception? Absolutely.

    When Doing Customer Experience Right is a Retention Tool

    Another effect of the gift WeWork bought for my daughter is retention. Even if I do not keep the space I rented on behalf of my employer, my customer relationship with WeWork will not end when the temporary rental ends.

    WeWork is a smart brand that understands this. The company is working with a much longer horizon in mind. I do not think that there is more personal gift for a woman than a gift for her unborn child. With it, the WeWork brand became part of my child’s first moments and that will always bring a smile to my face. So if I ever need working space in the future, will I reach out to WeWork?

    What do you think?

    WeWork is Celebrating Women – That’s Good Customer Experience

    The world of business is finally embracing the true consumer power of women. Women-only co-working space, The Wing provides work and community space exclusively for women, both empowering women entrepreneurs and interacting with those entrepreneurs as the end consumer.

    The Buzz is solving a decades-long safety challenge for young girls. With its timely Wow Moment, WeWork joined the ranks of those women-driven brands and will be rewarded for making that stand. One thing Millennials, Generation X and Generation Z value and reward is a brand that takes a stance.

    Check the Nike’s stock price this week and you will know what I mean.

    Create Wow Moments for Your Customers

    with The Petrova Experience.

    How a Personal Interaction builds Customer Loyalty

    A customer-centric methodology is key to the successful outcome of my interaction with Hello Spud. It is the reason this story appears here, and not among the CX Big Fails! The company did not send an automated response. It did not deliver a message stating “sorry we couldn’t help you, would you like something else.” Instead, the company co-founder reached out to me personally across multiple channels (a handwritten note, followed by personal emails).

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    Get Customer Experience Basics Right and You Don’t Need to Invest in Wow Moments

    Wow Moments are a Customer Experience hot topic. Customer experience professionals ideate how to build, prioritize, finance, and measure these Wow Moments. Chip and Dan Heath wrote a whole book on the topic: The Power of Moments. No Wow Moment saves you from negative word of mouth if your brand fails to get the customer experience basics right or to deliver the expected brand experience consistently.

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