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    Customer Experience Best Practices for 2018?

    The JetBlue blog features Liliana Petrova in a new four-part series. The series is on Customer Experience and Customer Experience Innovation.

    2017 Lessons

    Liliana gathers insight from 2017 customer experience lessons learned. Then charts  the course for customer experience that delivers technology solutions in new and innovative ways in 2018.

    In this article, Liliana spotlights customer experience innovation. To do so, she shares customer experience best practices along with panelists from a CX Day event at JetBlue Airways HQ.

    What is Customer Experience Innovation?

    Together, the group tackles a variety of questions and cases that provide a path forward for the new year and beyond.

    The first question the group discusses is a particularly important one. Take a look at what the panel – and Liliana – have to say about what Innovation is. And furthermore, what is customer experience innovation?

    Read Part 1 of the series. And join us for more. Over the next four weeks, we share new insights as we get ready for the new year. 

    Inspiring Humanity

    In the first article in the series, Liliana looks at how startups and other business are addressing challenges in new ways. For instance, talks about a group of innovators invited to the NYC headquarters on CX Day 2017.

    Both in the first article, that delves into what Liliana terms the “Customer Experience Effect,” and this second article that focuses on innovation, the conversation looks at how customer experience teams can inspire humanity in the new year and beyond.

    Think about the Customer Now

    However, as important as the future is, businesses can’t stop thinking about what customers need now. And to consider how the customer looks at their experiences. The way the customer thinks about his/her experience right now impacts how companies understand current customer needs.

    As a result, as Liliana points out, “companies like ours must consistently meet that customer’s immediate needs, surpass their immediate expectations, and progress toward a future state of higher expectations.”

    Image courtesy of JetBlue.

    Get Customer Experience Basics Right and You Don’t Need to Invest in Wow Moments

    Wow Moments are a Customer Experience hot topic. Customer experience professionals ideate how to build, prioritize, finance, and measure these Wow Moments. Chip and Dan Heath wrote a whole book on the topic: The Power of Moments. No Wow Moment saves you from negative word of mouth if your brand fails to get the customer experience basics right or to deliver the expected brand experience consistently.

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