How to Apply Customer Centric Design in Practice with Your Customers?


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    Keep The Customer Focus in 2018

    In her latest post for JetBlue’s Into the Blue blog series on customer experience design, Liliana Petrova talks customer experience innovation. She explores how to combine innovation and human behavior to keep the customer in focus.

    Additionally, Liliana looks at the new strategies customer experience professionals are developing. These strategies keep the customer at the center of both operations and design.

    The post, titled “The Customer Experience Effect: A Look at What We Learned in 2017 and What’s Ahead,” looks at why it’s key to watch your customers – and understand human behavior.

    How to Keep the Focus on the Customer

    Looking at customer innovation and customer experience design, Liliana challenges the JetBlue blog audience to ask questions. One important question: “how do we keep the customer in focus when we build things?”

    In order to answer this question, Liliana outlines some of JetBlue’s current customer innovations. These include recent successfully completed initiatives.

    In closing, Liliana explains the overall customer experience design process. She notes, “at JetBlue, when we start doing anything, we always try to imagine it through the eyes of the customer and think about how crewmembers can deliver hospitality.”

    Customer Innovation Tips and Insights

    For more innovations, read the full text of the article, and watch the video.

    Get Customer Experience Basics Right and You Don’t Need to Invest in Wow Moments

    Wow Moments are a Customer Experience hot topic. Customer experience professionals ideate how to build, prioritize, finance, and measure these Wow Moments. Chip and Dan Heath wrote a whole book on the topic: The Power of Moments. No Wow Moment saves you from negative word of mouth if your brand fails to get the customer experience basics right or to deliver the expected brand experience consistently.

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    How a Personal Interaction builds Repeat Customers

    A customer-centric methodology is key to the successful outcome of my interaction with Hello Spud. It is the reason this story appears here, and not among the CX Big Fails! The company did not send an automated response. It did not deliver a message stating “sorry we couldn’t help you, would you like something else.” Instead, the company co-founder reached out to me personally across multiple channels (a handwritten note, followed by personal emails).

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    Organizational Culture and Access to Information

    By and large, people perceive culture as an HR discipline. The most common perception is that culture covers the soft side of performance. Culture is about how you do things, not so much about what you do. This approach to culture could not be more wrong. In fact, organizational culture is about so much more than a few words in a performance review sheet.  It is about leaders expressing values, and the action guidance their cultural behaviors provide.

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