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Biometrics case studies

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  • Biometrics case studies

    Listen to featured panelist Liliana Petrova on “Getting to the Gate On Time.” Liliana and fellow experts discuss biometrics, air travel and customer experience.

    • Sherry Stein, SITA Lab, Senior Project Manager
    • Liliana Petrova, JetBlue, Director Customer Experience
    • Suhail Kadri, Hamad International Airport, VP Information Technology

    Hear their conversation!

    How a Personal Interaction builds Repeat Customers

    A customer-centric methodology is key to the successful outcome of my interaction with Hello Spud. It is the reason this story appears here, and not among the CX Big Fails! The company did not send an automated response. It did not deliver a message stating “sorry we couldn’t help you, would you like something else.” Instead, the company co-founder reached out to me personally across multiple channels (a handwritten note, followed by personal emails).

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