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Podcast – Delivering an Extraordinary Experience

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    Podcast – Delivering an Extraordinary Experience

    When it comes to closing a deal, generating client referrals, or getting repeat business, understanding how to elevate the customer’s experience can make all the difference. So how do you go above and beyond to deliver extraordinary experience?

    Last month, we met the amazing podcast host Dr. Julie Gurner.  She got me to share the secret sauce of how I transform ideas into experiences and services. Together, we dove into the process of thinking through the customer journey, executing ideas, conveying your vision, and much more.

    Key takeaways:

    • Elevate your message to get buy in.
    • When you are driven by your own purpose you are bound to succeed and inspire extraordinary experience.
    • Empower your people in order to enable the growth of your business.
    • You have more things under your control than you think. Customer communications is one of example of things that are in your control.
    • Amazing customer experience is not about wowing your customer. It is about removing effort from the customer experiences. Solve for the small inconveniences.
    • Push to solve for the human need; not just the functional problems.
    • Culture starts at the top and having the courage to ask clients to engage at the executive level is a risk worth taking.
    • If you have a customer send them a survey, read it, and then start changing their experience.

    We hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we did! Listen here!

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