Chief Customer Officers CXPA Webinar - THE PETROVA EXPERIENCE

Chief Customer Officers CXPA Webinar

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  • The Petrova Experience speaker on a Customer Experience Webinar

    Chief Customer Officers CXPA Webinar

    Tune in to listen to Liliana Petrova and other certified customer experience thought leaders during Customer Experience week. Learn what is cognitive empathy and how to empower your middle management both to ask the right questions and to have honest conversations with the front line.

    For the Chief Customer Officers – learn how to design employee facing technology that will have high adoption rate and employee engagement.

    The leaders who understand and prioritize employee experience will be the winners in the next decade! Tune in to join them!

    Get Customer Experience Basics Right and You Don’t Need to Invest in Wow Moments

    Wow Moments are a Customer Experience hot topic. Customer experience professionals ideate how to build, prioritize, finance, and measure these Wow Moments. Chip and Dan Heath wrote a whole book on the topic: The Power of Moments. No Wow Moment saves you from negative word of mouth if your brand fails to get the customer experience basics right or to deliver the expected brand experience consistently.

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