Commit to Becoming a Customer Experience Leader with the CCXP Exam

Commit to becoming a Customer Experience Leader

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  • Commit to becoming a Customer Experience Leader

    Keep focus on your why. Why get CCXP certified? To become a marketable customer experience leader. It is important to invest in the learning process with time and resources, as much as you are able. Don’t think of this as a fast thing you need to get over with. Think of it as an investment in yourself and  your career.

    Even if you get derailed and end up reading  book or a study or an online article that is not related to the exam don’t stress about it. Just absorb the information on the topic and enjoy the process. This is not an SAT – an exam you take to go to college. This is an excuse to immerse yourself in the field you love and to learn as much as possible how to be an effective customer experience leader.


    Organizational Culture and Access to Information

    By and large, people perceive culture as an HR discipline. The most common perception is that culture covers the soft side of performance. Culture is about how you do things, not so much about what you do. This approach to culture could not be more wrong. In fact, organizational culture is about so much more than a few words in a performance review sheet.  It is about leaders expressing values, and the action guidance their cultural behaviors provide.

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